KaffaRoastery moving to Punavuori!


We have kept our  moving plans until now as a little secret. It has been a long process of getting all necessary permissions, but now everything seems in order. Hopefully next week we will open a coffee shop and espressobar inside Moko Market in Punavuori. Our entire roasting plant will also be in the same space, and you can get a glint of it through a glass wall. The roasters actually already stand there, and we are just waiting to get to test roast some batches.

In the coffee shop we will have some cool new staff, for example ceramic drippers from  BeeHouse, japan,  as well as necessary cooffeetools like presspots, tampers etc. We will post some pictures from the new place as things evolve.

Skanno is also moving to their new locations near Erottaja, and they sold all their “old stuff”. We bought this bar to our new place. We tried our selves to paint it, but now it is in the hands of professionals, as it was quite hard to paint evenly with Bauhaus cheapest pressurepainter.  Hopefully we will get the bar in action next weeks, as well as the rest of the place.

Today we moved the last bit of our stuff from our old roastery at Kelatie, and cleaned it for the new guests who will start renting it from tomorrow. Goodbye Kelatie, here we come Punavuori!


2 Responses to “KaffaRoastery moving to Punavuori!”

  1. benbenso Says:

    Looks like I’m playing curling on the photo..

  2. Kalle Says:

    That place looks just so weird not when it’s completely empty…

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