Things are evolving.


Things are evolving in the new roastery, and we expect to open the 11:th of January.  In the shop we will have all our coffees for sale, as well as some nice coffee tools.

In the bar we will in the beginning serve our espresso as well as our latte blend for milk based drinks. In the future there will also be a single estate espresso available. We will also serve filtercoffee and coffee made from presspots. Most coffees will probably be sold as take away as we only have 6 seats in our bar. For those who want a bite as well are welcome to sit at Moko Café were there is a nice selection of small bites.

Our roasters have now been testroasted for some 20 hours, and we are very pleased with the results. The airflow is very good, and much better then on Kelatie. The coffee may differ somewhat in taste from the old roastery, but we are in the middle of the process of cupping and examining how everything contributes to taste here in Punavuori.  We hope to have it easier to find the right roastprofiles for each coffee at our new roastery when we have more airflow options.

Last week we had the final health inspection, and everything is ok. Under the whole planning process it felt like we were under quite tight inspection. This is understandable as the trend in Helsinkin has been to try to get roasteries out of the center, not back in. As people understood our business and the small scale of it compared to for example Meira, they got more positive about it. We have also very good relations with the property owners who have seen us as something that can make the property more alive. At least we can contribute with coffee that can keep the people more awake 😉


4 Responses to “Things are evolving.”

  1. Migu Says:

    Loistavaa, tervetuloa kulmille!

  2. Mariia Says:

    Hienoa, että tutuilta kulmilta saa kohta hyvää kahvia 🙂

  3. Samppo Says:

    Onko maanantaina 11 päivä tulossa mitään avajaisia/cuppingia vai avaatteko ilman suurempia seremonioita? Olisi kiva tietää, että kannattaako tulla, jos on jotain ohjelmaa siitä voisi ilmoitella.

    • svante Says:


      Täällä rakennetaan vielä täyttä häkää, katsotaan mitä me saadaan aikaiseksi maanantaiksi. Jos ei Maanantain seremointia, niin sitten myöhemmin. Paikkaan tulee muutenkin jätkuvasti tapahtumia koulutusten ja teemailtojen myötä. Tästä lisää myöhemmin. Ilmoitan blogissa loppuviikosta jos maanantaina jotakin erikoista!

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